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Truestamp | Intro

Let us help you discover what Truestamp is capable of, and how it can help you protect the integrity of your data, and prove its timestamp and provenance.

Truestamp uses the immutable properties of public blockchains to store, and allow you to later prove, that any data existed in a certain state, at a certain time. It also allows us to order and link those changes over time, this is provenance. This might sound complicated at first, but when we briefly review each of those concepts you'll understand the power of this system.

Using Truestamp developers can commit their data to public blockchains safely, preserving the confidentiality of that data. Once committed to one or more blockchains anyone can retrieve and independently verify those cryptographic commitments. This verification process is often referred to as trustless, meaning you don't need to put your trust in any single third party to verify your document commitments. With your original data and its commitments you always retain the ability to perform those verifications yourself.


If you're just getting started, we encourage you to continue on to the Learn section. There we'll provide you with some quick reads to further your understanding of the most important concepts. We'll also define some important terms, that will help you put it all together. Don't worry if some of these concepts are new to you. We'll provide simple non-technical intros to each topic, and let you dig in if you're interested in more technical depth.